Monday, 28 January 2013

Westpac, Claro, Hyundai, Netshoes and Exalogic

Hot on the heels of previous posting, we now have some more postings on customers use of Exalogic:

  • Claro Improves Partner SLAs 7x with 5x Through-Put Gains with Exalogic - See the video here.  Video talks about Claro's VAS Implementation running on WebLogic Server with 125 million Transactions daily
  • Hyundai Kia Motor Saves Millions with Its Document Management System Running on Exalogic. See video here.
  • We also have a video with the CEO of Netshoes who implemented ATG Web Commerce on Exalogic re platforming from JBoss to WebLogic as part of the move which only took a few weeks! The video is in Portuguese, so better get your dictionary out! 

These great studies show continued stream of Exalogic customers going into production with great data points. 

We also had a great Press Release about Westpac in Australia:

  • Following on from a lengthy proof of concept, Westpac decided to re platform their single view of customer application on Exalogic and Exadata. The performance numbers that Westpac achieved were truly impressive: 40x improvement with 50% cost savings! You can read more about this by reviewing the press release